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I-NetCom Business Solutions is a brand under this special division whose main specialty is in the offering of quality health and safety consultancy services and related solutions, we are a health and safety outsourced Solutions provider, with an extensive experience on delivering training, safety equipment and related supplies.

I-NetCom Business Solutions also provides Consultancy and Training for health and safety in health and safety circles. We offer training that has been specifically designed for food manufacturing companies as well as occupation health.

We also offer consultancy services in accreditation for Quality Certification of Food Safety Management System (FSSC2200), help attain quality in occupation health issues and assist in Food Safety audits to assist maintain the required industry standard and we can also help In supplier audit processes.

Our objective aim is to deliver bespoke and outstanding safety Consultancy services.

Media & Communications

We specialise in media-driven public relations, marketing, publicity communications & promotional programs for all our clients.


Our latest printing techniques bring out a tactile touch to your brand equity. Designs are adaptable across categories offering a full-range of printing services.

General Supplies

We supply affordable Office Equipment & Furniture, Document services, Motor Vehicle spare parts, DIY, Facilities Management and logistics services.

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With the competitive edge of a number of best equipped production and skilled staff complimentary, we move brands.


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We fully understand various intangible aesthetic sensibilities of the growing demand in the dynamic market.


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