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I-NetCom Business Solutions under its medical equipment division offers medical devices, medicine and consumable supplies, We are a young emerging and aggressive company fully dedicated to becoming a sound market health leader in the implementation of the latest technologies, equipment and supply of medicine.

We order, import and market healthcare & medical equipment and consumables specifically for hospitals and clinics.

We build our reputation on reliability, sound business ethics, and the highest level of performance.

Media & Communications

We specialise in media-driven public relations, marketing, publicity communications & promotional programs for all our clients.


Our latest printing techniques bring out a tactile touch to your brand equity. Designs are adaptable across categories offering a full-range of printing services.

General Supplies

We supply affordable Office Equipment & Furniture, Document services, Motor Vehicle spare parts, DIY, Facilities Management and logistics services.


A full service, strategic company proving that business synergy that is more relevant, exciting, and essential than ever before.


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Educational Consultancy

International student recruitment is our award-winning iday by referring them to good and better schools, education and universities situated overseas.

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bargain power

We are better placed with a sound bargain power.


Competitive edge

With the competitive edge of a number of best equipped production and skilled staff complimentary, we move brands.


Aesthetic Sensibilities

We fully understand various intangible aesthetic sensibilities of the growing demand in the dynamic market.


Outstanding service

We scan the market share, understanding the various compositions of creative minds and scope of the prospects’ ambitions.